Susan N Williamson

My work is about looking, contemplation and absorbing a sense of time and place and the evocation of fragmented memories of experiences.

My paintings are rooted in the cities and towns of European places I travel to; of urban and metropolitan landscape, past and present. Through the deconstruction, juxtaposition and layering of my subject matter, I aim to recreate the residual memories and sensations of moving through architectural spaces, from interior to exterior and from varying vantage points. The perpetually changing play of light and colour on the array of surfaces is my continual challenge.

I begin from first-hand experiences and support my evolving ideas with reference to my photographs and drawings as well as the strong evocative memories and sensations of my subject. Colour, light, volume and space form the backbone of my visual language.

Most importantly, the story of the essence of a place is at the core of my intentions.